It is a natural process that the breasts lose their shape, fullness, elasticity and resilience at the age or after pregnancy. In order to feel attractive again, the breast lift can be a solution.

To achieve the optically beautiful result, the treatment must be planned individually and precisely.

The surgical technique to be used in the operation depends on the flaccid structure of the breast.

Slightly sagging chest; with a semicircular incision in the stained area of the breast, excess tissue is removed and the remaining tissue sutured with a continuous circular suture, using a special suture method.

Limp hanging chest, a round incision around the nipple to remove the excess skin. Both the nipple is offset upwards and a tightening of the breast is formed.

In extreme sagging, breast structures are cut with a vertical cut around the nipple to remove the excess skin and tissue. The tightening of the breast is formed and the nipple is set to match the breast shape.

If there is enough tissue in the breast, it is possible to make a complete and upright breast structure using one's own tissue. In addition, if the tissue is insufficient to form a fuller breast structure, a breast implant is also placed through the same incision.

Stretched, the large areola can also be reduced during breast lift surgery creating an overall better proportioned a cosmetic surgeon can create a more youthful breast contour and a natural-looking breast.


Preparation phase: 2-3 weeks

Tell us your medical history of important diseases, surgeries, medications you need to take regularly.

If you are taking blood thinners like aspirin, you must stop taking this medicine before the operation. The adjustment of blood thinners or other medicines may only be carried out under the control of a doctor!

Medication can be used to prevent oedema (swelling) and bruises depending on the area of operation.

All preoperative tests will be performed in the hospital. The results are also assessed with the anaesthetist. The detailed preliminary discussion with the anaesthetist takes place before the operation

Operation time: 1-3 hours (depending on the technique)

Type of anaesthesia: General Anaesthesia

Hospital stay: 1-2 nights

90% of patients do not feel any pain after surgery.

After hospital discharge, back to social life in 4 days.

Healing phase: 7 days

Swelling (oedema) on your body can occur within 2 days after surgery.

After the operation, a special corset is used for 3 weeks.

Follow-up examination: on the 2nd day and 5th day.

Able to work: in 7 days

Showers: in 3 day

Sports: after 8 weeks, extreme sport min. 6 months

Complete cure time: visible after appox. 6 to 12 months

Cost included in the price.

Before the procedure
Consultation including pre-examination

Clinic and stay,
Plastic surgeon,
Surgical team,

After the operation
Medical follow-up