Most of the woman wishes is to have a bigger breast to feel more feminine and to improve their own quality of life. That’s the way one of the most popular surgeries for women is Breast augmentation surgery ore also known as breast enlargement, breast enhancement or just a ‘boob job‘, is extremely popular surgery when the breasts lose their firmness and volume of the following reasons;

  • Their breasts did not fully develop to their desired size during puberty
  • They are suffering from asymmetry
  • Disproportionately small to the rest of their bodies
  • Following pregnancy
  • Following weight loss
  • Personal reasons

In such cases, During the operation, implants are inserted into your breasts to increase their size, change their shape, or make them more even to let you feel more feminine and to improve your own quality of life.

There are different ways to place breast implants:

  • In the most common technique, the surgeon makes a cut (incision) on the underside of your breast, in the natural skin fold.
  • The implant may be placed through a cut under your arm.
  • The surgeon may make a cut around the darkened area around your nipple.
  • The breast implant can be placed under the armpit

The Breast implant is placed under or over the pectoral muscle depending on the condition of the tissue, age, health and the wish of the patient.

The size and the shape of the implants we will decide together at the examination, some Patients prefer a round shape and some more natural teardrop shape but the important thing is that the breast implants you choose conform to your own shape and size.

The implant brands that I use in the operation;


Mentor believes women deserve the peace of mind and dedication that comes with the best and most comprehensive warranty in the industry. The MentorPromise™ Protection Plan underscores our commitment to safety, quality, reliability and high design. (For more information you can visit the official webpage)


POLYTECH breast implants are filled with special silicone gels approved for long-term implantation. These gels are cohesive and uniquely cross-linked, ensuring the gel will remain in the shell, even in the unlikely chance of a rupture. The POLYTECH breast implant includes a wide variety of shapes and sizes, in four different surfaces: smooth, two different types of textures and implants coated with polyurethane-foam (PU). (For more information you can visit the official webpage)

At the request of the patient, of course, other brands can be used!

The implants are located under the milk ducts and the mammary gland. They do not affect breastfeeding during lactation


Preparation phase: 2-3 weeks

Tell us your medical history of important diseases, surgeries, medications you need to take regularly.

If you are taking blood thinners like aspirin, you must stop taking this medicine before the operation. The adjustment of blood thinners or other medicines may only be carried out under the control of a doctor!

Medication can be used to prevent oedema (swelling) and bruises depending on the area of operation.

All preoperative tests will be performed in the hospital. The results are also assessed with the anaesthetist. The detailed preliminary discussion with the anaesthetist takes place before the operation

Operation time: 1-3 hours (depending on the technique)

Type of anaesthesia: General Anaesthesia

Hospital stay: 1-2 nights

90% of patients do not feel any pain after surgery.

After hospital discharge, back to social life in 4 days.

Healing phase: 7 days

Swelling (oedema) on your body can occur within 2 days after surgery.

After the operation, a special corset is used for 3 weeks.

Follow-up examination: on the 2nd day and 5th day.

Able to work: in 7 days

Showers: in 3 day

Sports: after 8 weeks, extreme sport min. 6 months

Complete cure time: visible after appox. 6 to 12 months

Cost included in the price.

Before the procedure
Consultation including pre-examination

Clinic and stay,
Plastic surgeon,
Surgical team,

After the operation
Medical follow-up